Why should you attend Unite Europe

What is ‘Unite’ ?

Of course, No need of introduction. I know you know what Unite is. Unite is Unity’s Iconic events which held all around the world. Unite Europe (This time Unite Berlin), Unite Tokyo, Unite Seoul, Unite Los Angeles, Unite India, Unite Singapore are some of them. It’s a great place where talent and creative minded people gather. Concept artists, character designers, animators, game developers, gameplay writers, innovators and many not mentioned other people get together. Most of the time people are from the same country, same region and may include people from other regions around the world.

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Awesome Vuforia

I think many of you have heard about Vuforia, An Augmented Reality SDK for creating Cross Platform AR experiences. Vuforia Engine got integrated as a platform to Unity from version 2017.2 and later. (Make sure you put a tick to Vuforia Augmented Reality Support when you installing Unity.)

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Welcome to Unity digest!

I’m these days working with Unity to create hobby project on ARKit. So I thought of putting down some ideas about my experiences on the journey.