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Chathu Vishwajith
Chathu Vishwajith
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What is ‘Unite’ ?

Of course, No need of introduction. I know you know what Unite is. Unite is Unity’s Iconic events which held all around the world. Unite Europe (This time Unite Berlin), Unite Tokyo, Unite Seoul, Unite Los Angeles, Unite India, Unite Singapore are some of them. It’s a great place where talent and creative minded people gather. Concept artists, character designers, animators, game developers, gameplay writers, innovators and many not mentioned other people get together. Most of the time people are from the same country, same region and may include people from other regions around the world.

Why you should attend an ‘Unite’ ?

  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Networking. (You may meet your next startup’s co-founder, new opportunities.)
  • Meet people behind the scene (Unity Team).
  • Meet Unity Partners, Hardware manufacturers who willing to test your app and give feedback, Unity related service providers and Monetization partners in on place.
  • Meals and great parties. (Unity knows how to make people enjoy the event.)
  • Encourage new game developers. Don’t forget to visit showcase and give feedbacks.

Why ‘Unite Europe’ ?

Unite Europe and Unite US events are the Unity’s best events. (See disclaimer below). So Why Unite Europe special?

So I and Subhashi compiled a list of reasons.

  • Getting Visa for the USA is hard and expensive. (GDC or Unite US, Point of view of a South Asian passport Holder)
  • Unite Europe is a gathering of talents from all over Europe and all around the world also.
  • Many Unity Partners presence. (Eg: Google, Facebook, Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft, Vuforia, MapBox.)
  • Unity new updates and features announcements and separate sessions about them.
  • Experience new devices introduced. (Eg: New MoCap tools, VR, MR Headsets.)
  • Many new products to get initial feedback.
  • Diverse Showcase area.
  • Three days of length and you will make new friends during this time.
  • Many of Unity Team presence. (UX, Edu, Evangelism, Platform, Graphics, Ads)
  • Different tracks to choose. (Design, AR/VR, Marketing, etc…)
  • Workshops and Training Day.
  • New updates from Unity partners related to Unity.
  • Meet Unity User Group Leaders, Fellow Game Development related event organizers from all around the world.
  • After party and taste finest native cuisine.

If you have more to add to this list please comment below. I will update the article with it.

Buy your ticket to Unite Berlin 2018 soon!

Unite Berlin 2018 is at June 19 - 21 at Station Berlin, Germany.

Disclaimer: The whole article and the views about events are totally personal views.