Chathu Vishwajith
Chathu Vishwajith
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I think many of you have heard about Vuforia, An Augmented Reality SDK for creating Cross Platform AR experiences. Vuforia Engine got integrated as a platform to Unity from version 2017.2 and later. (Make sure you put a tick to Vuforia Augmented Reality Support when you installing Unity.)


There is a project called Awesome which is a concept by Sindresorhus. You can create Awesome projects on platforms and frameworks with a curated list of best content(awesome content) on the particular platform or framework you choose. Awesome lists are published under CC0 1.0 Universal license which means they are in public domain.

I have created few awesome lists like

So I searched for a Awesome list to get started on Vuforia. Oops! I couldn’t find one. So I created one and It’s is live at awesome-vuforia.

I have added some content which I followed to get in to Vuforia. But still lot of blank topics. So I request community to complete this Awesome list with awesome content on Vuforia so anybody who need to learn Vuforia able to get use of it. (Do not for get to read contribution guide before adding content.)

If you don’t know about contributing to GitHub projects, but if you like to help me on filling it, comment here your Vuforia links so I’ll add them to list.